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2 / 4 Channel DVR
2 / 4 Channel DVR
2 / 4 Channel DVR
2 / 4 Channel DVR
DVR Features
DVR Features

2 / 4 Channel DVR

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Main Features:

The Equipment is composed of the combination of a host device and bracket device. The host device and the bracket device are combined into the model version with full functions. Both of which can be split into two independent parts. The host device and the bracket device can be achieved independent work after the split. ( Simplex Bracket Device is Enhancement Mode)

The Equipment attached directly to the Front of the Windshield through the 3M Glue. Easy to install and simply operated. The installation time only needs one-tenth of the traditional Mobile DVR to complete the installation.

The Equipment is provided with the high reliability of the thermal design, which can monitor continually during the high degree environment at about 70°。

The whole industrial level program, system design and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design, to ensure stable work itself and the stability of the peripheral electronic equipment.

The whole structure is designed for anti-tamper and dust-proof, to ensures preventing the SD, SIM card and antenna connectors from destroying.

The whole module adopts the embedded plug structure. They not only meet the requirements of convenient dis-assembly but also protects the conditions of vehicle vibration.

Support IE browser preview and achieve the PAD or phone APP real-time preview function(Extensible)

The Equipment integrated additional TWO 1080p Cameras (Each camera achieve 2.0 Megapixels). Meanwhile, it can be expanded to other TWO 1080P AHD Camera(3 and 4 Channels). The Host device of the integrated infrared light for internal can achieve High definition surveillance under the condition without light.

Front camera and an Internal camera can be adjusted the different angles flexibly. Meanwhile, the direction of the front camera can be vertical and adjustable. The Internal Camera can be the vertical horizontal direction of all-around monitoring angle adjustment.

Additional TWO 1080P Cameras can be changed to different camera type according to the requirements and different vehicle types and angles. These two cameras can be locked completely through its structure after they finish the adjustment. No one can change the monitoring angle of view.

Integrated Microphone (Inside Car Audio Record) Integrated Speaker (Audio Broadcast and Early Warning)

Host Device Carry 6 Status Indication Light (Survey Equipment Work status)

Host Device Integrated One Alarm Button, One On-off Button and One WIFI Toggle Button(AP and Station mode by hand)

Build-in Bluetooth module (support wireless alarming and capture by wireless Bluetooth button, and achieved Headset Intercom and telephone function)

Built-in WIFI (Achieved automatic uploading and smartphone connection function. The AP function achieve 5 external devices shared internet

Build-in GPS module and antenna (Achieved Management of Car Speed and route)

Support Alarming Functions for the departure of the routes and the entrance and the exit of an area. Equipment support 16 routes and areas

Integrated 3G/4G Module (Achieved Remote Audio and Video Transmission and Management

Built-in G-sensor Module (Achieved automatic alarming upload about Abnormal Vibration, Overturning, Impact and Emergency Brake)

Build-in One Video output (Achieved Video Preview and Rear Review function via the connection of the monitor)

Support Wide Voltage input (6V to 36V). Support Reverse Polarity Protection, over-voltage, over-current, overload protection. Support 12V output and 4A Current.

Build-in Super-capacitor (Work time about 6 to 8 seconds under the condition of abnormal outage for the Core data without loss and the hard disk without damage)

  • Support Two SD Card ( Each SD support 128GB max.)
  • Built-in Mini USB (Achieved Data Backup and Equipment Updated)
  • Support One Alarm Input, One RS232 port and One RS485 port
  • Support TTS Voice Function (Achieved English TTS Scheduled Broadcast Function) Support Alarm button capture by hand
  • Support Delay Power Off Function (Delay Time is adjustable)
  • Support GPS location uploading uninterruptedly during the condition of dormant state - (Keeping Location Updated)

All jacks and bracket are protested with special sheath. (Achieved to unbreakable for the Electronic wires and antenna after the installation)