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7" Monitor HD 12V/24V CCD Reversing Camera - 2 x 10m cable
7" Monitor HD 12V/24V CCD Reversing Camera - 2 x 10m cable
7" Monitor HD 12V/24V CCD Reversing Camera - 2 x 10m cable

7" Monitor HD 12V/24V CCD Reversing Camera - 2 x 10m cable

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  • Industrial grade CCD camera - high resolution wide field of view camera with in-built infrared LED night vision capability. Camera sun shade and base are constructed from a metal alloy shell to withstand vehicle shock and vibration
  • Heavy duty CCD camera - made to be powered on at all times ideal for viewing the rear image while in forward drive
  • Reversing camera 12 months replacement warranty - IP67 waterproof withstands tough conditions (eg. bush travel). We are so confident with our reversing camera that we will provide 12 months replacement warranty if the reversing camera becomes faulty within the 12 months period


  • High definition 800x480 pixels screen (2400Hx480V). Beware of other sellers claiming to sell 1440Hx234V screens. 1440Hx234V = 480x234 pixels = lower resolution screen.
  • Built in fusebox (No more messy box dangling on the dash)
  • 3 AV inputs (Can be connected up to 3 reversing cameras)
  • Light sensor automatic adjustment (Monitor will dim itself automatically at night no more manual adjustment when the screen gets too bright at night)
  • Rotational bracket- Allow monitor to be mount on the dash roof of truck/caravan/car or anywhere that you find suitable
  • Image can be adjusted for horizontal vertical mirror and normal viewing
  • This monitor reverse camera kit can be used with truck/caravan/bus/car
  • 16:9/ 4:3 switch freely
  • Heavy duty night vision IR CCD Reversing camera - Get CCD not CMOS if you want to view the camera while driving. CMOS camera are not designed to work for long period otherwise they could get damaged easily
  • 2x10M advanced 4 PIN cables- Allowing the monitor to power up the cameras no need to connect another power cable to camera (connect and disconnect the cables between your caravan/trailer easily)
  • Built in loud speaker with AV-IN
  • 3 ways video input and 2 ways audio input
  • Show rearview automatically when the reverse gear is engaged
  • Easy to install- You can DIY as long as you can locate your vehicle's 12V/24V power source
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