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Fleet View for Geotab


FleetView by transiCAM is our comprehensive solution which combines Live Video Streaming, Video events reporting, Driver Fatigue monitoring, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to elevate fleet management and safety standards significantly. By providing a unified platform, our solution enables users to efficiently manage both Telematics and Video data seamlessly - all within the Geotab Platform.

This integrated approach offers unparalleled convenience and operational efficiencies. With single pane access, users benefit from a cohesive and streamlined user interface, simplifying the management of Geotab and FleetView data, and leading to improved fleet management capabilities.

In cases where the first user is unable to address an alert within a predetermined timeframe, our system employs automated alert escalation, ensuring timely and appropriate action by subsequent users. To access the solution, users simply require an existing Geotab account, making the integration with Fleetview straightforward and hassle-free.

Our customer-centric approach entails a thorough analysis of each client's requirements, enabling us to recommend the most suitable and tailored video solution to meet their specific needs. The security of our solution is of utmost importance.

Fleetview operates within the Geotab environment, ensuring robust safeguards for all data. Additionally, all Fleetview data is securely stored within Australia, utilizing a highly secure Cloud server setup.

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