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Refuse Vehicles

Refuse Vehicle Surveillance Solution

Safety Issues During Operation

Almost every operator worries about the risk of injury to personnel while driving on the road. As we all know, manoeuvres with dustcarts when out on work can’t be avoided, increasing the risk of accidents. And operator also hopes to get the latest info of his staff, for example, has the staff worked as schedule? Does the staff work on time?

Refuse Vehicle Surveillance Solution

Streamax offers recording CCTV and camera systems which help reduce the risk of accidents, injuries to personnel, and fraudulent insurance claims. 

Benefits of the system

-Helps prevent injury to personnel and members of the public
-Can reduce potential legal claims caused by damage and injury
-Locate and communicate with the staff anytime anywhere
-Staff can ask for help anytime when it is needed
-Monitor and supervise the staff
-Improve working efficiency
-Driving behaviour detection and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS 
-Big data analysis can help collect driver/vehicle/refuse data