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Transit Bus

Transit Bus Surveillance Solution

Safety Issues During Operation

- Irregular driving: over-speeding, rapid acceleration/deceleration, sharp turn and other acts which seriously affect the safety of passengers.

- Unusual event: open the door while driving; the back door clips passengers; start driving the vehicle before passengers disembark.

- Emergencies: Extreme events such as fire explosion on a bus, which requires complete evidence.

- Vehicle breakdown: vehicle breaks down during the operation, which needs to report immediately to avoid further damage.

Maintenance Issues During Operation

- Station line: a variety of complex station announcement line such as annular, U-shaped line which need automatic station announcement.

- Device maintenance: device replacement, maintenance which takes too long time and affect the normal operation of the vehicle.

- Video review: non-HD image quality has been far from meeting the requirements of a variety of evidence.

- Convenient scheduling: complex and cumbersome vehicle scheduling is less convenient than one key switch line.

- Scientific scheduling: scientifically analyzing and scientifically modeling to solve problems such as delay and reasonable scheduling for traffic peaks and flats.

Transit Bus Video Surveillance Solution

On mass transit systems around the world, Streamax provides state-of-the-art passenger information systems and vital transportation solutions, enabling passenger and driver a smooth, intelligent, safe and efficient journey. Streamax’s reliable digital video recorder solutions help you  improve safety and mitigate risk inside and outside of your vehicle. With this powerful system, you can detect, analyze and quickly respond to incidents. Meanwhile, you can deter bad driving and educate problem drivers on the rules of the road and proper conduct.

Automatic bus location announcement systems

In olden days location announcement was done with the help of speakers, nowadays bus location can be found with the help of Geo Positioning satellites. With an integrated voice announcement system, an automated bus location system enables the relay of location-specific and relevant information such as announcements for current and/or next stops, alerts on approaching stops, or warnings on anticipated delays due to the current state of traffic. Thus, it will effectively relieve the burden on bus drivers and provide good service to passengers.Streamax bus location announcement system is applicable to various routes.

Streamax bus location announcement configuration tool

Automatic passenger counting systems(APC system)

APC systems are electronic machines that count the number of passengers boarding and disembarking at every bus stop. Based on current and updated passenger numbers, it makes the transport companies effectively keep track of transport demand. And passenger numbers from vehicle can be aggregated accurately, helping public transport companies identify transport demand in good/bad time and simulate adaptations on the network level.It is our goal to balance passenger satisfaction and company profits.

Streamax automatic passenger counter P2 uses state-of-art detection technology and can be installed on buses, coaches, tour buses and etc. It is mainly used for passenger counting and accuracy rate is as high as 97% according to sample statistics. The device adapts to different lights and weather conditions. Besides, it also accurately detects when people board and disembark the bus.

Passenger flow platform

Accurate recognition of different scenario

Panic alarm

With panic buttons positioned near the driver, when there is any emergency, driver could press it to ask for help. In general, the panic alarm system is integrated with the bus GPS location, to immediately alert the depot manager and central command center.

Passenger Information Display System

With a Passenger Information Display System, a kind of in-bus information display panel installed inside the vehicle, commuters can notice the on-route information in real-time. These displays may combine audio announcements to complement the visual displays.

Smart Bus Dispatch Platform System

Operation & Maintenance Management

-Data management of people, roads and vehicles;

-Scientific scheduling generation;

-Real-time access to dynamic data;

-Coordination & dispatch of multi-routes, people and vehicles;

-Systematic analysis of operation reports

Response to alarm and violations

-Overspeed monitoring;

-Monitoring & command of emergency;

-Statistics & analysis of violation data;

-Event tracking

Service Management