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P3 Passenger Counter
P3 Passenger Counter
P3 Passenger Counter
P3 Passenger Counter

P3 Passenger Counter

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Product introduction

P3 passenger counter is a professional vehicle- mounted passenger counter with AI algorithm. It is able to accurately judge the moving direction of passengers and obtain the precise statistics of passengers boarding and alighting buses. At the same time, the passenger counter can synchronize the number of passengers to the host via the network interface and upload the passenger number to the platform through the host to enable analysis & statistics of passenger flow data.

The P3 unit works exclusively with the X3N DVR - contact us for a tailored solution. 

Product features

Support 1920*1080 @ 30fps resolution
Support WDR to meet demands of various vehicle running environments on image effect
Support to work 24/7
Support auto exposure response algorithm, auto white balance algorithm and auto noise reduction

Support the passenger counting function based on deep learning
Several mounting brackets are available for different vehicle models


Image sensor S/N
Minimum illumination Focal length Viewing angle Electronic shutter WDR


Audio & video encoding

1/2.82M pixel CMOS 50db

Color: 0.05Lux/F1.2; white/black: 0Lux (IR LED on)

M12 2.7mm lens
FOV: 120
° VFOV: 62.5° 1/60s-1/5000s
2F DWR dynamic range
80db 3m

H.264 (the default) & H.265


Main stream: 1080p @ 30fps
Sub-stream 1: VGA/QVGA/CIF @ 15FPS or D1@15FPS Sub-stream 2: CIF @ 10FPS/self-adaptive
Supported (the default is VBR)
Not supported


10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet interface (6PIN aviation connector female)
Internal WEB server. Support IE browser access

Support embedded-mounted, top-mounted and side-mounted Embedded-mounted bracket: 188.05mm*67.04mm*33mm Top-mounted bracket: 179.17mm*55.88mm*42.5mm Side-mounted bracket: 178.96mm*54.95mm*45.35mm

PON (DC12V). Voltage range supported: 8-16V <5W


-40°C-+85°C 0%-90%